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Sun Exposition and Home Price: Geology, mathematics and economy in real life (iStage 1)


Why do apartments in the same building have different prices? Why is a flat on an upper floor more expensive than one on a lower floor? We all know that this has got something to do with light and the luminosity of rooms.

This teaching unit encourages students to conduct a field study and collect data on the surface area of apartments and windows, orientation and level of the floors as well as the prices of apartments depending on their orientation and floor level. Also, this teaching unit encourages students to examine the relationship between the varying real-estate prices, the economy, and related concepts of astronomy and earth sciences.

Please find the additional material mentioned in the text below. The project is taken from the brochure ‘iStage: ICT in Science Teaching’ from the unit ‘From Bicycle to Space’.

You can order the complete brochure in print (mail to or download it here. The material has been developed by 22 teachers from 15 countries. The project has been supported by SAP.
Please find additional material for this teaching unit here.

Authors: Cristina Viñas Viñuales (ES), Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín (ES) | Ed. Science on Stage Deutschland e.V. | License: Creative Commons

iStage 1 - Sun Exposition and Home Price
iStage 1 - Sonnenstrahlung und Wohnungspreise
iStage 1 - Exposition au Soleil et Prix de L’Habitat
iStage 1 - Nasłonecznienie a cena domu
iStage 1 - Expunerea solară și prețul casei
iStage 1 - Izpostavljenost soncu in cena nepremičnin
iStage 1 - A napfény és a lakásárak

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