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Strong as a bear through leverage - Feel the leverage power

by Heidrun Boll

The topic of levers does not pose a problem to children. A door can be opened, a nail pulled out. Kids have to be made aware of the problem so that they can recognize it. Therefore, the kids should be given various tasks to be performed without the help of levers. They are only partially successful in this. Performing the task makes them aware of the need of help to solve the problem more easily, e.g. a door handle, pliers etc. In a child-friendly form they can work out and begin to grasp terms such as lever and pivot.

Transfer tasks involving a seesaw and a mobile (a moving element hung from a string) enable the kids to apply their newly gained knowledge and communicte with others. For this idea, Heidrun Boll from Germany got awarded with the European STEM Teacher Award in the category ‘Science for the Youngest’ at the European Science on Stage festival 2017.

Strong as a bear through leverage - Feel the leverage power

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