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How to master digital education

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    How to master digital education

    Brussels/Berlin, 01.12.2020: Science on Stage will be part of the third European Education Summit of the European Commission about ‘Digital Education Transformation: Building Resilience in the European Education Area’, on 10 December 2020.

    COVID-19 changed the face of education and forced teachers to discover new ways of digital teaching. The 3rd European Education Summit therefore focuses on this topic.

    Representing Europe’s biggest network for STEM teachers, Stefanie Schlunk, Chair

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    These are Europe’s best Science Teachers

    Cascais, 04.11.2019: Eleven science teachers won the European STEM Teacher Award at the European Science on Stage Festival 2019 in Cascais, Portugal.  

    Making science, engineering, technology and mathematics (short: STEM) a vivid and colourful experience? The teachers at the 11th Science on Stage festival surely know how to enthuse their students for science.

    From 31 October to 3 November 2019 around 450 participants from 36 countries came together at Europe’s largest educational fair for

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    Developing Skills for the Future

    Berlin, 24.09.2019: At the European Science on Stage festival 2019, 450 teachers will be working together to shape the science education of the future.

    Whether it is digitalisation, globalisation or climate change: today's children and young people will face enormous challenges in the future. One of the tasks of STEM teachers (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is to prepare them for these challenges. At the 11th European Science on Stage festival 2019 the participating

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    Coding in STEM Education: Teachers become programming experts

    (Vienna, 04.03.2019) Children and youths may find many opportunities to gain programming skills outside school but they often look in vain for digital challenges in the classroom. The reason may be that their teacher does not know how to code. Therefore, Science on Stage and SAP SE are supporting educators of all school levels with the new teaching brochure ‘Coding in STEM Education’. Developed from teachers for teachers, the material offers concrete ideas and concepts about how to

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