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Evaluation reports

How do teachers benefit from Science on Stage? The latest evaluation study on the European Science on Stage festival 2017 carried out by Tanja Tajmel and Ingo Salzmann from Concordia University, Montréal, has demonstrated that Science on Stage has a sustainable impact.

The results demonstrate that the exchange of teachers through the association’s activities has a positive effect on the motivation and joy in the profession. Indeed, participating teachers find many inspiring ideas for their STEM lessons and actually incorporate them practically in their own classrooms.

However, the teachers do not only appreciate the exchange of inspiring ideas, but also the possibility to gain and maintain contacts made on an international basis.

The improvement of science teaching and thus the promotion of students to consider a career in science, ICT and engineering, can be a good way to counteract the skilled worker shortage in these areas.

An overview of the results can be downloaded as PDF.

Evaluation report about Science on Stage at the Materials Research Society MRS 2016

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