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  • 08.12.2020 eu
    A few insights of our Chair Stefanie Schlunk regarding digital education

    At the 3rd European Education Summit Stefanie Schlunk  will take part in the in the panel discussion about “How to face the COVID-19 education challenge and master the digital transition in education. Here she will talk about her expectations and our experiences of the last months. 

    How did Science on Stage Europe deal with the challenges of the last months? 

    It was and it is a very difficult situation for all teachers everywhere. To support educators during Covid-19 Science on Stage has launched a series of webinars. In those online meetings teachers with best practice examples presented their ideas to other teachers to inspire their colleagues and to learn from each other. The topics ranged from how to teach online, explain videos, teaching with smartphones or digital escape games. Since the first lockdown in March, Science on Stage offered many such teacher training events, some in English for an international audience, some organised in our 34 member countries for their STEM teacher communities. And it is great to see this ‘cascade’ effect happening. 

    What advice can you give to other initiatives?

    Have a look at what ideas from teachers or from other initiatives already exist. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Start small and dare. You do not need much money, but you need to be creative.

    You work closely with teachers throughout Europe. What do they expect from politicians concerning distance learning?  

    Of course, all schools/teachers should have access to a stable Internet connection and have the appropriate hardware. But it is most important to support teachers in their professional development. Many teachers did not have a lot of experience with distance learning before Corona. In addition to professional development support, they expect their health to be protected when they are in front of the class during the pandemic (good masks, guidelines on the number of pupils that allows them to keep their distance). And they expect that their efforts and work are appreciated despite all difficulties. Teachers are just like everyone else: learners during these corona times.

    You want to take part in the summit? You can find a recording of this event here.

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