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  • 03.06.2016 EU
    Kick it with science: Football gets the ball rolling for maths, physics and other STEM subjects


    Science on Stage presents an international teacher project in Brussels to coincide with UEFA Euro 2016

    (Brussels, 3 June 2016) What is the perfect curve of a ball’s trajectory, what must the ideal turf be like, and what’s the CO2 balance of the UEFA European Championship? Football involves a lot of science. How this can be used in class was shown yesterday by Science on Stage, the European network for STEM teachers. The non-profit organisation presented its international teacher project “iStage 3: Football in Science Teaching” at the Representation of the State of Hesse to the European Union in Brussels.

    “Football is a topic that thrills students and teachers alike, and raises a wide range of interesting, interdisciplinary questions,” says French chemistry teacher Jean-Luc Richter, who also coordinates the iStage 3 project.

    For almost two years, Richter and 20 other teachers from 15 European countries worked hard on the iStage 3 project, creating a new publication that has been released in time for UEFA Euro 2016 in France. Main coordinator of the project was Dr Jörg Gutschank, Chair of Science on Stage Germany. The brochure shows how natural sciences, mathematics, computer science and technology can be presented in an innovative and practical manner in relation to football.

    The project was initiated by the European education network Science on Stage.

    “Face-to-face communication is extremely important for contemporary lessons and for the professional development of teachers,” says Stefanie Schlunk, Chairwoman of Science on Stage Europe. “It is precisely this ‘learning from one another’ that Science on Stage is promoting with long-term international projects such as iStage 3.”

    “Football in Science Teaching” is Science on Stage’s third publication in the iStage series, which is funded by the software manufacturer SAP. According to Schlunk, the great response demonstrates how much European teachers want to cooperate with one another and how great the demand is for ideas concerning current topics from teachers for teachers. The two previous projects, ”iStage 1: Information and Communnications Technolgy (ICT) in Science Teaching” and “iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching”, have been published in numerous languages and several editions. “iStage 3” is also expected to meet with an enthusiastic response. To coincide with the material’s publication, Alicia Lenze, Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP SE, has announced a follow-up project with Science on Stage: the European STEM League.

    “In the European STEM League, we not only invite teachers to try out the teaching ideas from iStage 3 but also to expand and refine them as well,” says Lenze. “The enthusiasm for football is the common denominator for students and teachers alike. With this initiative, SAP wants to encourage young people’s interest in and study of STEM subjects in an entertaining way — and do so throughout Europe.”

    The 11 most original implementation ideas will be presented during the European Code Week 2017. STEM teachers from all across Europe can apply to take part until September 2016.

    About Science on Stage Germany

    Science on Stage organises Europe’s biggest teacher festivals, workshops, and continuing education courses to provide science teachers with a platform where they can jointly present their best teaching projects and learn from one another. Launched in 2003, the initiative reaches 100,000 teachers from primary and secondary schools in more than 25 countries. Science on Stage Germany receives extensive support from think ING., an initiative for future engineers from the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries.


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  • 03.03.2016 fi
    International Symposium on STEM Education (ISSE) 2016

    From 6-8 June 2016 the 6th International Symposium on STEM Education (ISSE) will take place in Lahti, Finland. The event is organized by LUMA Centre Finland and adresses STEM teachers from all educational levels, prospective teachers, teacher educators and researchers in STEM education. The symposium is based on plenary lectures, discussion sessions and some hands-on activities. Strongly recommended by Science on Stage Finland!

    More information and registration at latest on 22 May 2016 at

  • 01.03.2016 se ch
    Take a Workshop to your Country: Sweden visits Switzerland

    On 8 June 2016 Anna Gunnarsson from Sweden will present a workshop at the Swiss event taking place at Haute école pédagogique Vaud. There will also be a presentation of the best experiments seen at the Science on Stage festival 2015 in London by the Swiss team.

    Read more about Science on Stage Switzerland.

  • 29.02.2016 ch se
    Lausanne: Workshop Science on Stage festival 2015 projects

    On 8 June 2016 Science on Stage Switzerland will organise a workshop presenting a selection of the best experiments from the Science on Stage festival 2015 in London including the projects of the Swiss national delegation team at the Haute école pédagogique Vaud.

    As representative of the Swedish delegate teachers Anna Gunnarsson with her project 'Playful Physics for the youngest' will take part and share her teaching concept with the participants.

    Further information on the workshop will be published on the website of Science on Stage Switzerland by early 2016:

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