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European STEM League finale in Dortmund

On 21 October 2017 eleven student-teacher-teams are competing for STEM Champion at the European STEM League finals at the German Football Museum in Dortmund. Join the event! #EuropeanSTEMLeague #iStage3

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Investing in the future means investing in education - and in exchange across borders! We connect educators with sparking ideas for STEM teaching Europe wide.

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Science On Stage Europe

  • …is a network of and for STEM teachers of all school levels.
  • …provides a European platform for the exchange of teaching ideas.
  • …highlights the importance of science and technology in schools and among the public.



Take a workshop to your country

​Take part in free teacher trainings, which are organised in many Science on Stage countries throughout Europe. Teachers who participated in European Science on Stage festivals will explain to you how their exciting teaching concepts can be carried out in your classroom.


Teaching Material Of The Month

Tomography in school – Optical CT Scanner with Lego and Arduino

Have you ever wondered how a CT scanner actually works? The development of X-ray computed tomography (CT) has been a real innovation in medical and industrial imaging. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the chance to build a CT scanner and use it for your own science projects in school? Optical projection tomography (OPT) implements the same principles like X-ray tomography, but utilises visible light instead, which is harmless for living organisms. Thus, building an optical CT scanner is the most appropriate way to introduce tomography in school.


Benefits For Teachers

  • European Festivals

    Meet committed colleagues from 30 countries in Europe and Canada on the Science on Stage festivals. Discuss innovative teaching ideas, take home ideas for your own classes and new energy for your daily chores.

  • International teacher trainings

    Take part in free teacher trainings regularily held by Science on Stage teachers throughout Europe. Topics reach from language support through science in primary school to smartphones and ICT in science teaching for senior grades.

  • Free teaching materials

    Benefit from the wide know-how of your European colleagues and use teaching ideas and concepts for primary and secondary education. You can download the materials and order them per cost of the delivery.

  • Exchange with colleagues

    Take part in international workshops in which science teachers from 30 countries develop teaching materials with a lot of passion and commitment.

  • Travel scholarships

    Deepen contacts you have made at a Science on Stage festival, travel to other European countries and get to know everyday school life on site with a travel scholarship.