Plant Growth: Material on anatomy, physiology & germination of plant seeds

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There would be no life on earth without plants. But who really looks at the different stages of plant growth? In the teaching unit ‘Plant Growth - The Life of Bernd the Bean’ students investigate development, germination and growth of bean seeds.

Authors: Anna Körbisch (AT), Márta Gajdosné Szabó (HU) 

Teaching Materials

Plant Growth - EN

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Pflanzenwachstum - DE

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La croissance des plantes - FR

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A Növények növekedése Bernd a bab élete - HU

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Rozwój roślin – Życie Jasia Fasoli - PL

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Creșterea plantelor - RO

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Rast rastlin – življenje fižola Bernda - SL

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