From our countries 30.06.2021

Mentoring teachers in Kazakhstan

Science on Stage Kazakhstan has decided to set up a mentoring program to help teachers in their country improve the teaching projects, they wanted to submit to Science on Stage festivals. 

For this, they asked the ambassadors Dr. Corina Toma and Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis among others for help. They agreed and started working with the teachers in small groups online. They showed them what a Science on Stage Festival is all about and helped them refine their projects and incorporate new ideas. 

Yerlan Uteulin, NSC of Science on Stage Kazakhstan, is happy with the process and convinced by the approach: "A teacher sometimes is not objective towards his or her project and does not recognise the weak points. Experienced colleagues from other backgrounds can help them increase the quality." 

Corina Toma and Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis were also pleased with their experience. "Science on Stage Kazakhstan worked hard to make this mentoring program as successful as possible. I'm still in contact with the participants and I'm very happy about it", says Tsoutsoudakis. 


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