From our countries 10.01.2022

A Serbian-French cooperation

On Saturday, 11 December 2021, Mensa Srbija, UčenIQ, and the Institute for Contemporary Education (representative of SonS Serbia) organised two workshops for children in primary school in Belgrade. 

The workshop with the title "Touch Science through Interesting Experiments" was held by Michael Gregory. He is a Scientix Ambassador and a member of the French delegation for the upcoming European Science on Stage festival in Prague. 

Along with Michael, Tanja Olear Gojić, and Mirjana Tišma, who are members of the Institute for Contemporary Education, Ambassadors of Science on Stage Serbia, and members of Mensa Serbia, held the workshop. Furthermore, Tanja is part of the Serbian delegation for SonS2022. 

At the workshops, the children had the opportunity to see various experiments and they participated willingly and asked interesting questions. 

Both children and parents were enthralled with the workshops and expressed the desire to have similar activities organized again. 

The French-Serbian cooperation

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