Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

The terms diversity and inclusion encompass differences such as gender, ethnicity or culture, but also the rich spectrum of backgrounds, experiences and learning and performance-related differences within a class. Valuing this diversity of students not only promotes a sense of belonging but also cooperative learning and prepares them for success in an increasingly globalised world. But how can this be achieved in everyday school life? Science on Stage offers various teaching materials and training courses on this topic and also invites teachers to develop their own project ideas on this topic as part of our national/ European festivals. 


Diversity at the festival 2024

  • Diversity is one of the main themes of the next European Science on Stage Festival 2024 in Finland. STEM teachers can apply for the festival with their projects on the theme via the national events in their respective home countries.

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Diversity in teaching materials

  • To help teachers support their students individually, Science on Stage has published a series of teaching materials. These support language development and contain texts in simple language.

    Our materials can also be used to specifically address girls, as female scientists act as 'role models', vividly presenting their professions and inviting them to experiment.  

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Our webinar on the topic

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