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Every two years, Science on Stage Europe organizes Europe's biggest educational festival from and for STEM teachers. Each time hosted by a different country. The event brings together up to 450 STEM teachers from all across Europe to share and exchange their ideas and concepts for a successful science education from primary to secondary school. 


Science on Stage Festival 2022

The participants present their most innovative teaching ideas to their international colleagues at stands, in workshops and in on-stage-presentations. Following the principle 'from teachers for teachers' the festival supports the professional development of the educators. It is also a starting point for a wide range of national follow-up activities as the best teaching concepts find their way to teacher trainings and teaching materials after the event.

Teachers are competitively selected through rigorous application processes and national events in the Science on Stage countries. 

The 13th European Science on Stage festival will take place from 12-15 August 2024 in Turku, Finland. 

The video of the festival 2022

For an insight into the vivid, inspiring, and international atmosphere at the festivals and which activities follow up this event watch the film of the Science on Stage Festival 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic!


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