Recommended links for STEM teachers

At this webpage, we have added useful links to further information and material 'from teachers for teachers' covering all areas of STEM as well as recommended activities for your students, provided by members of our Science on Stage Europe network and related organisations.

Links für Lehrkräfte

Digital learning tool "Climate and its change"

Teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Croatia have developed a digital learning tool for junior class students. The digital learning material covers 12 different topics that teach students what is happening in the world and nature, invite them to think about climate change, and encourage children to become change makers themselves.

Find the material in Latvian, Lithuanian, Croatian and English here:

Science on Stage Italy - Experiments and ideas for STEM teachers

Science on Stage Italy has published a booklet in which you can find all the description of the teaching projects and experiments that were presented at their festival. 

You can download it here for free


Giovanni Pezzi
AIF-Association Physics Teachers 

Science on Stage Irland - Science on Stage Books

Since 2000, Science on Stage Ireland offers Books of teaching ideas and demos selected by the Irish team members at European festivals. These books have been sent to all science teachers in Ireland and can be downloaded in PDF format.


Dr Eilish McLoughlin
Director CASTeL.

Paul Nugent
IOPI Teacher Network Coordinator

Science on Stage Canada - Activities, books and information for STEM teachers

At its webpage, Science on Stage Canada presents a great variety of useful links to activities, teaching material and informative websites for STEM teachers in Canada and abroad.


Dr. Johanne Patry
Science on Stage Canada

Science on Stage Finland - Webpage for astronomy teaching

The Arcturus website is a frame for Astronomy Resource Center, the purpose of which is to support the teaching of astronomy at school. The site has primarily been designed for the teachers of natural sciences, but it also includes information for everyone who is interested to know more about astronomy. It offers:

  • ready-to-use teaching entities 
  • 34 lessons with topics for all class levels
  • practical instructions for preparing observation tools 
  • tips for observation in nature 
  • latest results and observations in space research
  • links for acquiring teaching materials and advanced teaching content
  • introducing organisations with a close connection to the astronomy teaching
  • descriptions of astronomical events and training sessions

See the detailed description here

All materials are free of charge and, regarding the source, available for use.


Irma Hannula
Science on Stage Finland

Science on Stage Czechia - Ideas from the European Science on Stage festival 2022 (in Czech language)

Elixír do škol has published a booklet in cooperation with Science on Stage Czechia. The Booklet brings together ideas collected at the European Science on Stage festival 2022 in Prague. The language of the booklet is Czech. 

Click here to download it for free


Jitka Houfkova

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings - Mediatheque

Since 2010, the Lindau Mediatheque has provided access to a unique archive: By now, more than half of the approx. 1,000 original lectures delivered by Nobel Laureates in Lindau are available online as well as great educational content such as the Mini Lectures, Topic Clusters and Nobel Labs 360. The mediatheque is designed to appeal to scientists and those fascinated by science, to teachers, pupils and students, and of course to all who delight in research and discovery. The entire archive is available free of charge.

Science on Stage Finland - Science and computing online courses

At the webpage of LUMA Centre, host of Science on Stage Finland, you find Finnish science and computing online courses e.g. about programming. (in English) & Ilmasto.nyt (in Finnish) (in English) & (in Finnish)

Koodiaapinen-MOOC (in Finnish)

CERN - Beamline for Schools Competition

Are you looking for a different way to engage your students more with physics?

This competition offers high-school students from around the world the chance to create and perform a scientific experiment at an accelerator beamline. The winning teams will be invited to a research laboratory, with up to nine students and two adult coaches per team. Other attractive prizes are also available for shortlisted teams. Every participant receives a certificate.

Interested? Join the adventure here:

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