Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a multidisciplinary field that draws on areas of computer science, physics and mathematics and utilises the principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations far beyond the capabilities of classical computers. Although the field is still in its infancy, it will soon revolutionise the technological landscape. 
Introducing students to the phenomenon of quantum computing is therefore crucial not only to prepare them for a future dominated by quantum technologies, but also to foster a deeper understanding of quantum mechanics and computational thinking. Exposure to quantum computing concepts can also inspire students to engage with cutting-edge technological fields and emphasises the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge in tackling the challenges of tomorrow. On this page we present our work on this topic.


Prof Dr Rainer Müller on the question, why quantum computing should be covered in class:

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Quantum Computing in STEM Education

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    In 2024, Science on Stage Germany launched a new international project: "Quantum Computing in STEM Education". 20 teachers from 15 countries are working together to develop teaching materials on the topic for use in upper secondary schools. The material will be published digitally in 2026 and will be available free of charge. 

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