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Future scientists, IT specialists, and engineers need appealing STEM classes. That is why Science on Stage supports teachers in their continuous professional development.

The lack of skilled workers has become a severe problem all across Europe. Teachers are the key to bridging the skills gap in young people and many more societal challenges of the future. With great hands-on ideas and concepts, they enthuse students for STEM careers and help them to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

Our non-profit association, established in 2011, reaches 100,000 STEM teachers in over 30 countries.


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Main Supporter of Science on Stage Europe

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Science on Stage Europe is mainly supported by the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries (Gesamtmetall).

Further Partners and Supporters of Science on Stage Europe

Amazon Future Engineer
Cooperation since 2023 to support coding and AI activities for STEM teachers.

Vernier Science Education

Cooperation since 2021 to support European STEM teachers’ professional development and to inspire students for STEM subjects.

What to support at Science on Stage

In our network, the teachers set the agenda. They know about the challenges in everyday school life and define what is required when dealing with important issues such as inclusion, digital literacy, sustainability, or language promotion. Teachers in our network develop feasible solutions from teachers for teachers. We support their exchange of best-practice teaching ideas and help them to spread these to as many classrooms as possible. Our non-profit association established in 2011 Science on Stage reaches 100,000 STEM teachers in over 30 countries.

Support our work – an investment in STEM teachers is an investment in our students and future IT specialists, engineers, life science specialists.

Donate or/and contact us:

Chair: Stefanie Schlunk
Tel. +49 30/40 00 67 40 |

As a partner or supporter you can

  • present your institution and your projects at a stand or workshop at one of our Science on Stage festivals
  • support us in organising a teacher training in your region on a topic relevant to you
  • support us in realising a national or international teacher project on developing teaching material about a current educational topic

As a partner or supporter of Science on Stage you

  • gain access to a Europe-wide network of STEM teachers that has grown for over 15 years
  • support the scientists, IT specialists and engineers of the future
  • benefit from cooperations and synergy effects with already existing education/school activities
  • benefit from our press work

We are also open to new forms of collaboration. If you have own ideas for cooperations, please contact us.

Reviewed and recommended: Science on Stage works!*

  • 90% of participating teachers have incorporated ideas that were presented at Science on Stage events into their own lessons.
  • 90% of participating teachers have incorporated ideas, they had acquired through Science on Stage events into teacher training in their home countries and thus functioned as multipliers.
  • 92% of the participants established international contacts; over 55% of them made at least 4 good contacts 1 year after the festival.
  • 77% of the participants rate the sustainability effect of the festival as high; 73% of them stated to apply also for the next festival.

*The participant survey took place before, during, and twelve months after the Science on Stage festival 2022

Find more information about our impact here.

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 Elixir do Skol Science on Stage

Main supporter 

The Capital City of Prague  | Jablotron Foundation |  Česká spořitelna Foundation


Elixír do škol | Science on Stage Czech Republic

Science on Stage festival 2019

Main supporter 
Municipality of Cascais

Science on Stage Portugal | NUCLIO

Science on Stage festival 2017

Main supporter             

City of Debrecen       

Science on Stage Hungary ׀ MTA Atomki Institute ׀ University of Debrecen

Science on Stage festival 2015

Main supporter
Queen Mary University of London

In cooperation with
The Royal Society ׀ IBM ׀ CLEAPSS

Supported by
STFC ׀ SEPnet ׀ The Gatsby Foundation

Science on Stage festival 2013

Main supporter
think ING.

In cooperation with
Siemens Stiftung ׀ INTEL ׀ Adam Mieckiewicz University in Poznań ׀ Land Brandenburg ׀  Heidehof Stiftung   

Science on Stage festival 2011

Main supporter
Danish Ministry of Education

Further supporters
think ING. ׀ Fondation H. Dudley Wright ׀ Shell ׀ L’Oréal Foundation ׀ Novozymes ׀ Danfoss Universe ׀ Maersk Oil ׀ Novo Nordisk Procter & Gamble ׀ INTEL

Science on Stage festival 2008

Ministry of Education Germany ׀ think ING. ׀ TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin ׀ SIEMENS ׀ Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft ׀ Heidehof Stiftung


F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG



Contact us

Stefanie Schlunk

Chair of Science on Stage
Stefanie Schlunk

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