Stamping on the Carbon Footprint – Exploring Sustainability Playfully



Secondary School

Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Other

Football, Sustainability

English, German, French, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian

At big sport events like a world championship the carbon footprint and the sustainability of the event are most of the time put aside by the collective euphoria of the visitors and the media during the occasion. But the negative consequences for the environment must not be neglected.

In this unit the students are introduced to this complex topic with a card game. This game approaches six aspects of sustainability: Light, travel, green grass, waste, noise pollution and food. With the help of information cards the students discuss various problems, broaden their background knowledge and learn to actively create references between their daily life and ecological questions.

Autoren: Márta Gajdosné Szabó (HU), Janine Hermann (CH), Giorgia Messori (IT), Maaike Smeets (NL), Richard Spencer (GB)

Teaching Materials

Stamping on the Carbon Footprint_EN

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Die CO2-Spielbilanz _ DE

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Bilan carbone d’un championnat_FR

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Stapajac po sladzie weglowym_PL

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Trampai det ekologiska fotavtrycket_SV

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Pistoteando la huella de carbono_ES

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Jak na uhlíkovou stopu_CZ

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Szén-dioxid-lábnyom a nagyító alatt_HU

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