Lantern Moon: Biology in primary school with ant researcher Bert Hölldobler

Cover Biology in Primary School


Primary School

Science, Biology

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English, German

Bert Hölldobler is a world-famous ant researcher who found out how ants communicate using scent. In this unit he shows primary school students can become ant reseachers themselves in a playful way.

This unit ist taken of the the teaching brochure ‘Lantern Moon and Hot Ears. Science teachers from Austria, Germany and Italy worked out nine biographical texts for primary school students about contemporary scientists and engineers. The texts tell how they started out in their professions and sometimes which curious experiences were linked to it.


Teaching Materials

Lantern Moon: The ant researcher Bert Hölldobler

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Laternenmond: Biologie in der Grundschule mit Ameisenforscher Bert Hölldobler

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