Discover natural scientific phenomena in the Kitchen (Lilu’s House)



Primary School

Science, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Arts, Chemistry

Language Skills

English, German

Which sort of bread do people eat in foreign countries? Why do you need yeast to make dough rise? Where is our numeral system from? With simple bread recipes children explore new culinary traditions and languages of other countries as well as the physics of yeast-dough. The kitchen offers children various opportunities for inquiry-based learning while simultaneously training their skills in speaking, reading and writing. The short stories and corresponding experiments can be read and done independently of each other and are adaptable regarding their order.

Find below the material as PDF ready for download as well as some additional material. 

Authors: Jenny Schlüpmann (DE), Anna Gunnarsson (SW)

Teaching Materials

Kitchen Curiosities

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Naturwissenschaftliche Phänomene in der Küche entdecken (Lilus Haus)

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