Winning Hearts and Minds in Science Teaching: STEM-experiments and teaching concepts from all over Europe

Winning Hearts and Minds


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Please note that this material is already over 10 years old. Some of the programmes presented may therefore be outdated. Also, note that this material is in both German and English. 

This publication resulted out of the seventh Science on Stage Festival 2011 in Copenhagen. Selected examples of the displayed projects are described and explained. Teachers can easily adopt the findings of the international exchange into their own classes.

Over 4 days, 250 dedicated science teachers of 27 European countries came together to present their projects “from teachers for teachers”, to establish contacts and to collect inspiration for the own schools. In order to spread the presented good-practice-examples, the brochure “Winning Hearts and Minds in Science Teaching” was published.

Experiments, teaching concepts and project descriptions of 12 countries are presented. Among them are projects like “Rollercoaster physics: Design your own ride!”, “See the sound, hear the light”, “Looking at the world through a CD” or “From the rainbow to the chemistry of colours”. The project descriptions are edited and encourage adoption for the own science class.

You can directly download the brochure on this page. Winning Hearts and Minds has been supported by the Federation of German Employers’ Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries (GESAMTMETALL) with its initiative think ING.

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Winning Hearts and Minds

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