Science on Stage Netherlands

Science on Stage Netherlands was established in 2013 after the Science on Stage festival in Słubice – Frankfurt (Oder).

The National Steering Committee consists of teachers in all STEM-disciplines, as well as members of the Utrecht University and NVON. They are creating a platform for science teachers to get in touch with colleagues from all over Europe.

A Dutch delegation of science teachers visited the Science on Stage festivals in London 2015, Debrecen 2017 and Cascais 2019.  In 2016 the first national event was held at the Hyperion Lyceum in Amsterdam.

The Science on Stage Netherlands members are present on some big national science education events: Woudschoten Chemie Conferentie, Woudschoten Natuurkunde Conferentie, NIBI Conferentie or the NLT Conferentie.

National Steering Committee 

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