From our countries 11.12.2023

Coding for our Future in Albania

In November 2023, more than 30 active and innovative educators from primary and secondary schools came together in two workshop sessions offered by presenters Mirjeta Domi and Sila Doko at the Edu Act Innovative Center in the Albanian capital of Tirana. They learned about ways in which AI can innovate teaching and learning practices and facilitate progress towards quality education.

The workshops provided a basic understanding of AI systems to educators and as a result their students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, in view of ensuring safe, responsible and ethical engagement with AI technologies.

AI workshop presenter in Albania
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Coding for our Future grants

Key Visual of the Coding for our Future project

The initiative benefitted from a grant of Science on Stage Germany’s “Coding for our Future” project supported by Amazon Future Engineer. If you are planning to or are interested in organising a teacher training activity in the field of coding, you can find further information on this funding opportunity on our project page.


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