From our countries 24.05.2023

Information webinar for future STEM teachers in Türkiye

We organized an online introductory webinar about Science on Stage (SonS) Europe on Monday, May 22, 2023, at 8 p.m., together with our SonS Türkiye Chair and delegate teachers of the last European festival for the students of Niğde Halisdemir University, Faculty of Educational Sciences. We published a  poster before the webinar and we also invited teacher candidates studying in education faculties all over Turkey to our webinar. In this webinar, we introduced SonS Europe. We gave information about the SonS Europe 2024 Festival and invited teacher candidates to apply with projects and explained the application criteria for delegate selection. Participation was high and Ela Ayşe Köksal, a faculty member at Niğde University, also spoke and motivated her students to apply.

Report: Nilgün Erentay

Webinar of SonS Türkiye
© SonS Türkiye
Poster for the webinar
Webinar of SonS Türkiye
© SonS Türkiye
Screenshot of the webinar
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