From our network 26.07.2023

New flyer on the SDG materials available

Since their official publication in October 2022, the digital teaching materials "Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals" have been freely available on our website. A total of six units have been developed, covering different thematic focuses, suitable for various STEM subjects and for use in primary and secondary schools. Since their publication, our network and many active teachers have been working to disseminate the materials so that as many teachers as possible can benefit from them. For this purpose, we have also designed a new comprehensive flyer about the SDG materials. To view and download the flyer, you can simply click here.

If you are attending a meeting, conference or similar for which you would like to use the flyer in printed form in order to promote the material, we are happy to send you some copies. Simply place your order via our order form.

Please note: the order form is only available on the website of Science on Stage Germany. Hence, the original language of the form is German. However, many internet browsers these days offer an automatic translation to English. Please get in touch, should you need further support. 

Flyer: Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals_eng.
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