From our countries 28.04.2022

Recommended by Science on Stage Finland: The StarT public voting in May

The LUMA Centre Finland invites everyone to take part in the public voting of the International StarT Competition 2022. The goal of public voting is to share joy and ideas but also to make it possible for everyone to participate. Have a look, get inspired, and vote for your favourites! The voting (arranged in English) takes place from the 2nd of May to the 31th of May. The winners will be announced at the StarT Gala in Finland in June.

The StarT program has been launched to support the implementation of interdisciplinary project-based learning from early childhood education to upper secondary schools. The International StarT Competition is arranged as a part of the StarT program by LUMA Centre Finland.

You can find the instructions and the list of the candidates from the StarT program's website as the voting begins:


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