From our network 28.10.2020

For Science on Stage Serbia the most important STEAM skill is problem solving

The SonS webinar was attended by a record of 1100+ teachers from Serbia and the region. Besides, the SonS webinar included the lecture “Application of 3D Holograms in Teaching – Practical Examples of Using Holograms in Science Teaching in Elementary Schools”, which illustrated the implementation of technology in STEAM.

What is problem-solving?

Problem-solving refers to solving specific real-life problems whereby individuals or groups use previous knowledge together with other skills to solve a new, unknown situation. Interdisciplinary linking of natural sciences and problem-solving enhances 21st-century skills and provides people with knowledge that leads towards innovation.

Problem-solving is a combination of theory and practice that almost by definition yields multiple solutions. It comprises several steps: understanding a problem, researching and collecting information, creating a strategy and brainstorming, choosing the best solution, executing an action plan and reviewing the results.

Through problem-solving, the SonS webinar connected STEAM skills and teachers throughout Serbia and the region. 

The Brainfinity Global Problem Solving Concept, launched by Science on Stage Serbia and the Institute, presented problem-solving to children, parents and educators in Europe. The next big step is the Brainfinity problem-solving week (7–13 December 2020), when the practical use of problem-solving in different areas will be discussed in workshops for students, teachers, parents, companies and schools.

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