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Seewache at the 28th Annual Economist Government Roundtable

In November 2023, the Greek team Seewache successfully won the European competition Future League with their innovative and future-orientated project idea. But also in their home country, the members of the team have received a lot of praise for their project and been invited to numerous events. The recent invitation of Dafni Sideraki, Team captain of Seewache and her team colleague Konstantinos Kanakoudis to the prestigious Annual Economist Government Roundtable is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The two young students are invited to join the talk: YOUNG GENERATION’S ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE BATTLE FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.

We congratulate them warmly. You have earned it.

Team Seewache at the final of the Future League
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Team Seewache at the final of the Future League
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