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SonS Serbia: A look back at the "Nauka na pozornici" project

The "Nauka na pozornici" project, (Science on Stage project), initiated a year ago and concluded at the end of July, has achieved significant success in enhancing STEM education in Serbia. Funded by the Serbian national agency Tempus, through the Erasmus+ program, this project enabled six teachers and members of the Science on Stage Serbia board to visit organizations in Finland, Portugal, Turkey, and with Croatian partners.

These activities were made possible primarily thanks to SonS Europe, which networked its members, the hospitality of the LUMA center in Finland, organizers of the next European SonS festival, Nuclio in Portugal, organizers of the European SonS festival in 2019, the Center of Excellence of Varaždin, Croatia, and Turkish colleague Selcuk Yusuf Arslan, a member of SonS Europe.

Throughout June and July, participants shared their experiences from Helsinki, Turku, Ankara, Lisbon, and Varaždin in seven live presentations, four webinars, and a podcast. With preparations starting in May, this mobility project contributed to the exchange of valuable methods and ideas in STEM pedagogy, strengthening international collaboration and innovation in the field of education.

Here is an overview of the webinars and workshops: 


Webinar 16.6
© Science on Stage Serbia 
Zvonimirka Jovičić shared her experiences from her visit to the Centers of Excellence of Varaždin, Croatia. She also presented a series of inspiring examples of applying STEAM in teaching history, biology, physics, and other subjects.
Workshop 20.05
© Science on Stage Serbia  
Lana Nikolić, board member of SonS Serbia, assisted by her colleague, Michael Gregory representing SonS France, held presentations in schools, sharing her experience with the mobility project in Turkey.
Webinar 08.06
© Science on Stage Serbia  
Anica Tričković presents how STEAM is presented to students in Finland. The webinar guest was Oona Kiviluoto from the LUMA center, organisers of the next European festival.
Dalibor Todorović in Portugal
© Science on Stage Serbia
Dalibor Todorović, a member of SonS Serbia, presents his experience from Portugal's Instituto de Astrofisica e Ciencias do Espaco (IA), learning about its bold vision in astronomy and affiliation with ESA and ESO.
Webinar 22.06
© Science on Stage Serbia  
As part of the dissemination of skills and knowledge acquired during the project, teachers Lana Nikolić & Milica Aleksić presented the Science on Stage principles and shared information, good practices, & skills they acquired during their visit to Ankara

Report: Nina Stojanović 

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