From our countries 14.11.2023

#sons2024: The national event of Slovenia

SUSTAINABILITY VERSUS STEAM CO-CREATION and the selection of teachers for the Science on Stage festival in Finland

We opened the event with a speech by the head of the program and organization committee, Prof. Dr. Vesne Ferk Savec, and the Dean of the Faculty of Education UL, Prof. Dr. Janez Vogrinec.

Plenary lectures and a workshop for students and teachers

At the first plenary lecture, Boštjan Genorio (UL FKKT) showed us the process of electrocatalysis for energy and sustainable chemicals, and Stanislav Avsec (UL PEF) presented creative thinking and co-creation to achieve pedagogical change.

In other plenary lectures, Jože Rugelj (UL PEF) presented new pedagogical approaches for in-depth learning using digital technologies, and Gaja Brecelj (Umanotera) presented how the climate connects us all.

At the GreenSTEAM workshop, Boštjan Genorio and project colleagues (UL FKKT) presented the green STEAM model for teacher and student education.

35 primary and secondary school teachers participated in the Science on Stage workshop, where they presented their projects. The three-member jury chose 4 Slovenian teachers from among them, who will participate in the international Science on Stage festival in Turku, Finland from 12th to 15th August 2024.

Report: Nika Cebin 

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