From our network 01.03.2023

Stefanie Schlunk at the Education for Climate Talks

Stefanie Schlunk, Chair of Science on Stage Europe, was a guest at the Education for Climate Talks organised by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. During the interview with Tremeur Denigot, she had the opportunity to present Science on Stage's latest teaching materials for more sustainability in the classroom: 'Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals'. She further explained why STEM education in school and the topic of sustainability are closely linked to each other: "Both are focusing on supporting students to develop skills like critical thinking, innovation, teamwork. [...] For many of the technical solutions which are needed to tackle the challenges we are facing today [...] we need a profound knowledge of STEM, and by incorporating sustainability topics in STEM lessons we offer the students a deeper impact in real-life applications and also show them possible future careers".  



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