From our network 25.01.2023

Survey on the challenges of career guidance

One topic in particular is currently dominating the media and public debate again: the shortage of skilled workers. It is noticeable in almost every industry and does not stop at the STEM sector either. An important approach to solving the problem is career guidance for young people while they are still at school.  For our non-empirical study, we sent a questionnaire to all the STEM teachers active in the Science on Stage Europe network asking for feedback on how their schools deal with the issue of career guidance and counseling. We received a total of 46 responses from 24 countries. The results are presented below: 

Teaching material about career guidance

  • Our teaching material 'Lantern Moon and Hot Ears - Promoting language skills in primary school with science' is aimed at primary school children and gives them an insight into numerous professional profiles in the STEM sector: they get to know astronomer Nadya Ben Bekhti, ant researcher Bert Hölldobler and many other scientists. At the same time, they also improve their language skills. The material is available in four languages and can be downloaded free of charge.

  • More material about career guidance in STEM lessons is planned for the near future. To not miss out on this and similar information, you can sign up for our newsletter.

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