Press release 17.10.2022

Transforming STEM Education for the future

Berlin, 17.10.2022: For two years, 20 teachers from all over Europe have been working together on projects that show how the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be integrated into science lessons. The teachers' network Science on Stage Germany has now presented the interactive teaching materials in Berlin.

Climate change, environmental protection, sustainability: issues that preoccupy children and young people all over Europe. STEM teachers can use these issues to excite their students about science and IT. After all, these subjects play a crucial role in meeting these stakes.

The Science on Stage project "Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals" demonstrates how this can be achieved. 20 teachers from eleven countries have jointly developed concrete and practical concepts on how the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be taught in STEM classes.

From "Affordable and Clean Energy" (SDG 7) to "Good Health and Well-Being" (SDG 3) and "Clean Water and Sanitation" (SDG 6), the participants created teaching units covering a broad range of topics. For example, in the chapter "Adopt a tree", the students build and code sensors and attach them to "adopted" trees in the area. The recorded environmental data is sent to a base station at school. The young people analyse them in relation to the health of the trees and work out protective measures based on them.

"All teachers must address these issues in the classroom, not by lecturing, but in an "activating" way. So that students realise how they can make a positive difference through their behaviour and what role STEM skills play in this. It was impressive to see how our teachers, despite the stresses and strains of everyday school life, worked together voluntarily across national borders for two years. I would like to thank all the teachers involved”, says Stefanie Schlunk, Managing Director of Science on Stage Germany.

Science on Stage has also taken a sustainable approach regarding the production of the materials. Instead of a printed brochure, the contents are available digitally.  Teachers will get a deeper insight with videos and various interactive materials which they can use directly with their students. The material will be easily accessible, be it from desktop or mobile devices. This way, the teachers will not only get inspiration and ideas about concrete SDG-related topics but also on how to use digital tools in their classes.

The material is available in German and English and is suitable for lessons at primary and secondary schools. 

Following the publication of "Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals", Science on Stage will offer free webinars on the material starting in autumn. Furthermore, the initiative is calling on teachers throughout Europe to take part in the "Future League" competition. They are invited to develop their own SDG projects together with their class. The publication is intended to give ideas and to inspire teachers throughout Europe to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

The project was made possible by SAP SE.

The Authors of the materials Credit - Andreas Mnich-Rossger
© Andreas Mnich-Rossger
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