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Our virtual events

We are organising more virtual events so that STEM teachers can network, exchange ideas and receive further trainings more easily across borders. This way Science on Stage contributes to the continuous professional development of STEM-teachers across Europe.

All our virtual events are of course for free. 


With our practice-oriented webinars STEM-teachers can receive further training from home. All our speakers have participated in one of our festivals with a successful STEM-project or have been involved in one of our international teacher projects! 

In addition to insights into exciting projects, our webinars give teachers the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded peers from all over Europe. Also they can present their own ideas and receive feedback.

The participation is free of costs. Interested in taking part? Find upcoming webinars in our event calendar.

The next events:

05.03., 16:00 "Paper Circuits"
09.03., 15:00 “Infection Detective - Inquiry-based learning through simulation games for primary school
11.03., 16:00 "Physics with Arduino: Science Magic Box"
16.03., 16:30 "Correcting exercises? I can’t be bothered with that."
30.03., 17:00 "It's not magic, it's science you don't see! Part II"
31.03., 17:00 "Mirrors for Minors"

Further events are currently in planning. Stay informed with our newsletter

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