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Science on Stage Europe is a network for STEM teachers focusing on the exchange of best practice teaching ideas. The ultimate goal is to improve STEM teaching by supporting educators in their professional development and growth. By spreading innovative teaching concepts among Europe’s science teachers we enable more students to gain the affordable skills they need for a challenging future and encourage them to consider a career in science, ICT or engineering.

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Since its launch in 2000, Science on Stage reaches about 100,000 teachers and teacher trainers in over 30 countries (extrapolation by country representatives in 2019). A network of National Steering Committees in these countries provides the interface to their national STEM teacher communities. Moreover non-European countries have the possibility to join the network as 'Associate Members', spreading best practice STEM teaching ideas around the globe. 

Science on Stage Europe is the umbrella organisation that supports the 34 member countries with the realisation of their activities and helps with coordination of the national festivals. The broadening of the network, the acquisition of new members and various administrative tasks are carried out by the headquarters in Berlin.

Since 2011, Science on Stage Europe e.V. is a registered non-profit association recognised by German law.

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