Science on Stage Serbia

The representatives of Science on Stage Serbia are the Institute for Contemporary Education and Savremena primary and secondary schools, located in Belgrade.

Science on Stage Serbia

The Institute for Contemporary Education (ICE) focuses on improving the quality of the educational process through teacher education and the promotion of state-of-the-art educational technology, aimed at making advanced educational practices available to as many teachers in Serbia as possible.

Savremena primary and secondary schools are unique “Future Ready” schools based on creative, interactive and multidisciplinary teaching and STEM-based learning. In addition, these schools foster the students’ talents and develop multiple intelligences necessary for adopting 21st-century skills.

Science on Stage Serbia goals

The main goals of Science on Stage Serbia are the implementation and improvement of STEM education on national level, the organization of teacher trainings and workshops for students from different STEM fields and the continuous dissemination of innovative teaching practices. Science on Stage Serbia enables teachers in Serbia to share teaching concepts and experiences with their European colleagues.

In addition, it keeps them up to date with research, accomplishments and trends in their respective and related fields, and provides them with ideas and inspiration to enhance their teaching process and make it more interesting.

The Science on Stage Serbia NSC consists of STEM teachers from different cities in Serbia, renowned experts at the national and international level, who will work to exchange ideas and information to make all STEM principles and possibilities accessible to their colleagues and students. The geographical distribution of teachers allows each NSC member to be in charge of improving the STEM concept in their region.

We are looking forward to organizing the first Science on Stage festival in Serbia in 2021, where teachers and students from all over Serbia will have the opportunity to present their STEM experiments and projects.

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