Act Now for the UN Sustainable Development Goals - Project timeline 2019-2022


31 October – 3 November 2019

First Brainstorming: Educators from different countries met for the first brainstorming at the European Science on Stage Festival in Cascais, Portugal

3-4 October 2020           

1st virtual workshop: Selected teachers from 13 countries participated in the kick-off meeting to agree on topics

24-25 April 2021

2nd virtual workshop: Second meeting to continue the work on the teaching units

Between the workshops

Virtual meetings within the teams: In between the workshops the teams kept working on the material in virtual meetings accompanied by the coordinators and the Science on Stage office.

First virtual meeting
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Second virtual meeting
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Science on Stage
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Science on Stage
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Science on Stage
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Science on Stage
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6-7 November 2021

3rd virtual workshop: Third meeting to further work on the content and the additional teaching resources

12-13 February 2022

4th virtual workshop: Fourth meeting to finalise the first content and agree on further steps

20-22 May 2022

5th workshop: Fifth meeting and first in-person meeting in Budapest to finalise the material

14 October 2022

6th meeting - launch of the material: Final Meeting in Berlin to launch the digital teaching material and present the content


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Published in 2022

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