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Science on Stage Romania believes in the actual educational framework in Romania that promotes and supports initiatives dedicated to the increase of Romanian STEM teachers involvement in changing teaching/learning methods and tools in education.

This is why SonS Romania wishes to get involved in offering Romanian science teachers from all levels of education, the opportunity to connect, through an active and performing European Science Teachers’ Network, to the ideas and initiatives, teaching methods and successful educational resources in Europe. 

A coherent action plan, followed by different activities for science teachers, such as: training courses, workshops, periodical meetings for good practices dissemination and promoting SonS ideas, best Romanian teachers' projects exhibitions, organized in different parts of the country, could successfully motivate all science teachers and promote their science teaching actions. 

In all these, SonS Romania actions promotes the connection with other projects or initiatives dedicated to increase the performance of teachers.  

In order to link education to the newest scientific research methodologies and results, we want to connect the Science on Stage Romania network to the Universities and Research institutes in order to develop joint projects and connect the teachers' projects with research infrastructures. 

The representation of Romania at the SonS European festivals is a desire that increases the responsibility of SonS Romania in organizing the selections for the participation of the best Romanian STEM teachers in the European science events. 


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