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iStage 2: Smartphones in Science Teaching


Smartphones are by now a fundamental piece of our everyday life. Especially young people are using the new technology quite naturally. That also is a big chance for STEM-classes. 20 teachers from 14 European countries worked out eleven teaching units that show how Smartphones and Apps are to be used for fascinating experiments in maths, physics, chemistry or biology classes. From the measuring of the universe to an examination of daily noise nuisance to speed measurement of cars: The trouser-pocket technology of Smartphones offers students and teachers alike many chances on inquiry-based learing.

iStage 2 provides a unique summary of practical examples from all over Europe of how to integrate Smartphones in the daily classes. The brochure is the second publication of the iStage-series that deals with new digital media at STEM-classes and is proudly supported by SAP. It is available in English and German. Next to the print and the online version the brochure can also be downloaded as ibook. You can order the English publication with an email to or download them below as PDF.

The iStage-project wants to promote the usage of digital media at school and to stimulate the interest of students in STEM-subjects.

List of teaching units

iStage 2 - Smartphones in Science Teaching
iStage 2 - Smartphones im naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht
iStage 2 - Apps and additional resources
iStage 2 - App-Liste

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