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For more than a year now, we have been offering teachers the opportunity to continue their training virtually - with our virtual events. We can look back on a real success story! True to the motto 'from teachers for teachers', the speakers are all teachers in schools all over Europe. Thanks to their commitment we are able to organize these webinars! 

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Webinars in the school year 2020/2021

12.05.2021: "Introduction to robotics - How to build a self-driving car" with Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis from Greece 

16.04.2021: "Cutout animation in science teaching" with Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis 

31.03.2021: "Mirrors for Minors" with Majken Grünfeld from Denmark, Jitka Houfková from Czech Republic and Kirsi Rehunen from Finland

30.03.2021: "It's not magic, it's science you don't see! Part II" with David Featonby, Adrian Allan from the UK and Paul Nugent from Ireland

16.03.2021: "Correcting exercises? I can’t be bothered with that" with Thomas Gerl from Germany

11.03.2021: "Physics with Arduino: Science Magic Box" with Marco Nicolini from Italy 

09.03.2021: "Infection Detective - Inquiry-based learning through simulation games for primary school" with Majken Grünfeld and Bastian Ilsø Hougaard from Denmark

05.03.2021: "Paper Circuits" with Liliana Fernandes from Portugal

24.02.2021: "Microscale chemistry – in a little you can see a lot!" with Adrian Allan and Bob Worley from the UK 

18.02.2021: "The black-box colorimeter – construction and applications" with Francesca Butturini and Gordon Kennedy from Italy 

05.02.2021: "CoALA – Code A Little Animalwith Mirek Hančl from Germany 

29.01.2021: "Introduction to virtual electric circuits with Tinkercadwith Astrinos Tsoutsoudakis

09.12.2020: "It’s not magic, it’s science you don’t see" with David Featonby, Adrian Allan

19.11.2020: "Oranges and Lemonswith Francesca Butturini and Gordon Kennedy

22.10.2020: "Watch this if you can! How to use video production in remote STEM classes" with Marco Nicolini and Paolo Berni from Italy

15.10.2020: "Introduction to BBC micro:bit" with Selcuk Yusuf Arslan

07.10.2020: "Lilu's House - Language Skills trough Experimentswith Majken Grünfeld from Denmark, Jitka Houfková from Czech Republic and Kirsi Rehunen from Finland

24.09.2020: "What happens next? A strategy to engage primary students" with David Featonby 

23.09.2020: "What happens next? A strategy to engage secondary students" with David Featonby 

19.09.2020: Sensing Science / Coding H2O with Beatriz Padin and Elena Poncela from Spain

16.09.2020: Exploring using Explorify with Dr Thomas Barton and Kulvinder Kaur Johal from the UK 

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Webinars in spring 2020

04.06.2020: "Slow motion and time lapse activities with smartphones and action cams for students" with with Marco Nicolini and Paolo Berni 

03.06.2020: "Science on Stage TeachMeet for Primary Teachers" with Kulvinder Johal, Sarah Eames and Audrey Boyd from the UK, Emma Lindahl from Sweden, Liliana Fernandes from Portugal,

02.06.2020: "Experimenting Online-Tools and Resources: Part II" with Paul Nugent and Ilia Mestvirishvili from Georgia 

27.05.2020: "Primary school resources from the Primary Science Teaching Trust" with Kulvinder Kaur Johal from the UK 

26.05.2020: "Experimenting Online-Tools and Resources: Part I" with Paul Nugent and Ilia Mestvirishvili 

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