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National events

At the European Science on Stage festival each country is represented by its own STEM teacher delegation. Therefore each National Steering Committee organises its national pre-selection the year before the festival.

Each country organises their national pre-selection in another way – some organise events that last four days, some only one, some events include students in on-stage presentation, some include actual research and some are open only for teachers. Of all projects handed-in and presented the national juries select those STEM teachers with the most innovative projects to be part of their delegations.

Though all the national pre-selections are quite unique and have a competitive character they have one thing in common:
 They are a great way to meet enthusiastic teachers from your country and to exchange ideas and activities!

France, 29 March 2019

Cyprus, 24 February 2019

Greece, 15-16 February 2019

Portugal, 19-20 January 2019

Georgia, 8 December 2018

Switzerland, 17 November 2018

Germany, 16-18 November 2018

Bulgaria, 26-28 October 2018

Ukraine, 26-27 October 2018

Belgium, 20 October 2018

Romania, 20 October 2018

Czech Republic, 13 October 2018

Kazakhstan, 6-7 October 2018

Hungary, 5-7 October 2018

Spain, 5-7 October 2018

Turkey, 30 September 2018

Slovenia, 26 September 2018

Poland, 21-22 September 2018

Latvia, 8 September 2018

Canada, 9-12 August 2018

Past national events